Beantown Friends Social Group

We have a great social group here in Boston.  It doesn’t matter who you are, what your ethnic background is, how old you are, your sexual preference, your religion or your politics or what you do for a living – we’re a great big mix of wonderful individuals and we make the most of it!  New people attend events all the time –  in fact, many of us are also very new to this situation and to the group. We’ll make sure to introduce you to other friendly people and make you feel at home. If you’d like to talk to someone or ask questions before you attend your first event, just tell the organizer and someone will be in touch with you.

We've had fun and interesting events like holiday dinner dances, cosmic bowling, hikes, rafting, movie nights, pub crawls, softball, and small and HUGE house parties.  Our events take place in Boston and the surrounding areas. We have people attending from all over New England! Don't be shy. Come out and join us!

The BIG Events

Bobstock - Every summer we host a huge BBQ - Bobstock.  Held in July, Beantown members flock from all  over the northeast to Bobstock.  It is a meet and greet, BBQ, camp out , bon fire, dance and games event all  rolled into one!  Whether you are a first timer or a returning friend, Bobstock is one of the best times you can have.  The food is plentiful, the people are warm and friendly, and we party from the early afternoon till the wee hours of the morning. And one more thing- it NEVER RAINS ON BOBSTOCK!

Frankenbobs- Costume or no, this party rocks.  Food, drink, dancing and, of course, a bon fire.  People dress up in both crazy and ordinary costumes. So whether you want to indulge your childhood superhero fantasy or just have some fun, join us  and dance to the sounds of the DJ.

Event Announcements

 We organize social events throughout the year. Our goal is to provide a safe environment to make new friends, feel comfortable, and to socialize.  We will never publish the location of events on this or any other web site.

Join the announcement list for events by emailing:

We host a Yahoo Group so that people can communicate with other social group members

Beantown Friends Yahoo Group