Help Us

The Boston Help Group and Beantown Friends does not operate on its own.  We have many people that are hard working and volunteering their time and talents to provide a community for each of us to be happy and supported.  It takes time, effort, and yes, money to keep this going.

So how can you help?

Host an Event

Beantown Friends would like to hold one event per month.  Many times, we hear from people wondering if there are other non-advertised events.  The answer to that is no.  We are always looking for people to host an event.  If you have an idea of something that may be fun, let us know.  We can help you plan, coordinate and advertise the event.  

Volunteer to Help at An Event or Support Meeting

Many of the big events, like Bobstock, cannot happen without the tremendous support and effort of many people.  We are always looking for people to help at these events.  Please think of volunteering your time and energy to help us with our events.  We are always looking for people to act as Greeters, Food Preparers, Firewood Stackers, Setup and Clean up  help.  No matter what it is, please help us.  Sometimes we have more fun working on creating the events than the actual event!

Make a Donation

Lastly, none of this can happen without financial support.  We have done a tremendous job of minimzing the cost of running this group.  But phones, web hosting, and other administrative processes require money.  Please consider making a donation.  We collect donations at the big events and sometimes run 50/50 raffles.  Please remember this the next time you attend an event.