Beantown Friends Discussion Forum

The Beantown Friends Yahoo Group is a discussion forum for people living with herpes. We discuss anything that may be of interest to those with either virus.  We also let people know of social events as they are added to the event calendar. Please use this to arrange carpools to our events, to communicate with people you met at the events and for just a place to communicate with others with herpes.

If you are looking for help, please feel free to ask any question you may have. We also encourage you to share your experiences with us. That helps others to learn how to cope. Of course, you are more than welcome to just watch the banter. Please refrain from discussions about politics and/or religion.

Joining the yahoo group is free and you can set your preferences to receive e-mails for each post, get a digest from the daily postings, or visit the group and read the posts at your convenience. Sometimes this group can be very chatty and if you choose to receive an e-mail with each post, your Inbox may fill up fast!

To Join the Beantownfriends Yahoo Group (you will need to create an ID and Password.  We recommend not using your full name)